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  • Warning: If you are looking for new Dungeon Keeper, don't buy this game!
    There are similarities, you are an evil dungeon lord who dwells in an underground, reigns over mischievous creatures BUT:
    Despite the look and type (not quality) of humor are quite similar to the famous predecessor, the game mechanics it's vastly different. In Dungeons you are NOT trying to keep heroes, who are coming from designed entrances in waves, from your dungeon as far as possible, prevent them to steal you riches and kill your precious creatures. On the contrary you plan and build your dungeon to exactly let them to do this as much as possible. Are you asking why the hell an evil lord should do that? Well, because the punch line of Dungeons is that kind of gameplay, I described before, explains why the dungeons in all action-RPG looks that way (where all the gold and items are from? why all that junk is just lying in the corridor). The reason for this is SOUL Energy, thing that every ambitious Dark lord wants: with SE you upgrade your creatures, increase number of goblins (workers) and so. How do you get it? From HAPPY heroes. You harvest it from them, after you killed them, so yes, eventually you should kill these stinky "good-doers", after they satisfied their barbaric needs(actually you don't kill them in fight, you capture them, throw them into the prison where they rot to the death). The game is designed the way that you are supposed to kill heroes with your evil lord himself, because if the adventurer is murdered (what a harsh word) by your creature you get quite big penalty in obtained SE. Your lord of evil is on gameplay map himself and he is under your direct control (actually the only one in the whole game). He can cast spells, fight with his staff (or whatever it is) and making great impressions when enters a room. You have got him selected for WHOLE game, which is sometimes uncomfortable when you misclick. Because He is also your last line of defence when the heroes decide to go straight forward to your Dungeon heart to destroy it.....and you don't want to let them do that, really not, because if your DH is destroyed, the game is over. To make the fights with heroes easier there is a basic development system where you can spend some points (earned for achievements and objectives) in attributes (strength, agility, intelligence, constitution-guess what they are good for) and skill tree where you can unlock new abilities and spells.
    There are 3 other resources than SE in the game: it is an ordinary and favourite gold, that's used for buying treasure chests (yeah, I see the irony too), that are plundered by heroes, obtaining room items for library, armory and prison, where you satisfy needs of these pesky adventurers (except the prison of course) and purchasing pentagrams, where creatures are summoned, every type of creature has it's own pentagram, from every pentagram four minions are summoned and after they are killed they respawn (save&exit no need!) in one minute or so and as I said you CANNOT control your creatures. There is an action radius around the pentagram. The second but as well important function is that the pentagram expands your territory-you can place there your new items and extents your sight. Every built pentagram uses some points from population which is the second "resource", you can increase it by finding lairs of different monsters (if it is the first lair of certain kind, it enables that type of creature), and getting it to your territory. The final resource (not exactly) is a prestige, which serves more as an indicator of your progress in mission. It enables you place new items, have more goblins, makes your lord stronger and sometimes it's a mission objective. You increase it by prestige items called hilariously (oh really) gimmicks which cost SE.
    So making it simple: there are heroes, they have got similar needs (sometimes little different, depends on their class and mood, I guess), you are trying fulfill them and in the right moment cut them down before they are fully satisfied, meanwhile not letting destroy your dungeon heart in the process. For that you get soul energy and gold (Yeah, irony strikes again). You spend it for upgrading the creatures, getting gimmicks, that increase your prestige, which enables you get better items, which more efficiently fulfill needs of the heroes, so you will get more soul energy from them and again, again, again, again.
    • Yeah, it could be quite repetitive, especially after several missions (when you have already seen most of game content) and that is, I honestly believe, why in that moment comes enemy dungeon lord who should have same options and same problems as you.......but I doubt it. You can kill his creatures, capture his pentagrams, destroy his dungeon heart, after all you can kill him. But the AI of the opponent wasn't too challenging, or I am strategic genius, but I am afraid that this is not the case.
      One of the biggest faults I see right there is that after some time in mission I had really big leftover of gold, SE, and even prestige because number of pentagrams primarily depends on population cap and upgrading and bonus effects are quite limited .After you reach them all, resources begin to be useless which is case of some really good strategy/simulation games too, but here it comes really quickly and above all it ruins the basic game mechanics: why bother with entertaining heroes when you don't need it?
      There are secondary repetitive objectives and achievements to make it more fun, but It didn't work for me.
      The story is classic: A former big fish who was betrayed is making his way back to the top. It won't hurt you. On the other side the progress of story is nothing that will motivate you to continue in the game......and I shouldn't forget the humor. Well, let's say it's the German kind of humor which describes it perfectly.
      The graphics works for me well, it's nothing fancy, so it fits in rather dark surroundings of the game. I didn't like every item and figure in the game and there could be more variety, but overall it is good.
      I can't remember a thing about a music and sound which tells something about it.

      Well, finally in the end of this review (I congratulate everyone who reads it on being so tough and sturdy) I give this game 5/10. The basic idea of “explaining why the dungeons in diablo-like games has so unrealistic design” is funny and smart, but I'm not sure it's so funny and smart idea to make a game about it. It is entertaining for couple of hours, however I doubt it is worth of 40 Euros.

      P.S. I do remember a thing about the sound. I really hated the voice of your green sidekick. It can take your evil smile away.
      • Zayl
        Ummm proč postuješ do komentářů recenzi a proč je v angličtině?
  • všichni to tady srovnávají s dungeon keeperem , ale pokud ho někdo jako treba ja nehrál nemusela by ta hra být tak špatná
    • Zayl
      No, si ji kup a posuď sám. To že to není moc věrné tomu co to znásilnilo pro marketing je jedna věc, ale i samotná mechanika není dvakrát zábavná. Je to furt dokola.

      Je to v podstatě simulátor kasína. Dostaneš kus podzemí, podekoruješ ho, přihodíš atrakce a tvůj cíl je všechny obrat na kost. Občas tě otravuje tvůj šéf...
  • No přečetl jsem si na STEAMovem foru hry oficiální vyjádření autorů kde se říká, že to NEMÁ byt DK. A navíc on ani NENÍ! Jak tu někdo podotknul, je to trochu o něčem jiném. Je to divný hybrid. Vašim cílem je zabavit hrdiny (bojováním, lootování) aby byli spokojení a potom z nich nakonci vymlátit všechnu tu pozitivní energii do vlastní kapsy. Ale zabaví to jen chvilinku...na konci dema už mě to nebavilo...zdobení dungu je sice pěkné, ale udělat z toho hlavní featurku hry? *8*
  • no vidite, ja koupil plnou verzi hned potom co jsem zjistil ze neco takoveho je a skvele se uz par dni bavim :) urcite by slo hafo veci vylepsit, nicmene autori na tom makaji ( zatim dva patche, jeden meni trochu i herni mechanizmus ).
    DK a DK II jsem miloval, jsem rad ze vubec nejaka podobna hra je *5*

    ps: klavesou F3 se zrychluje cas, to abyste nemuseli porad cekat :D ale tato feature nefunguje v piratskych verzich, takze tak ;)

    ps2: az budete mit otevrenych 6 portalu a z kazdyho portalu kazdy dve minuty vylezou hrdinove, obvykle jeste na vyssich lvlech nez jsou Vase prisery. Do toho se vam magove budou snazit plachnout townportalem a na srdce pujde champion tak jeste budete radi za pauzu *7*
    • Zayl
      Good for you.

      Je zajímavé že víš co funguje a co nefunguje v pirátských verzích. *2*

      Nicméně to nic nemění na faktu že ta hra narazí u spousty fanoušků- Vývojáři si půjčili co mohli, ale výsledek je velmi neohrabaný.
      • co jsem videl na torentech ( added 14 days ago ), jedna se o verzi 1.0, kterou jsem taky hral ( patche nevydali hned ), nebylo tam zrychleni casu a hra coruptovala save pozice + townportal magu shazoval hru + dalsi hromada bugu, changelog je predlouhej :)
  • Objevi se na games.cz recenze Dungeons ?
  • Nechutna, naprosto nechutna kopie Dungeon Keepra. Okopirovat i uvodni filmecek - to chce fakt koule :) Dungeon Keeper FTW !!!!!!!!!
    • Kdyby to byla nechutna kopie Keepera jsem stastny jako blecha... bohuzel je to kravina...
      • Mňa celkom udivuje že za niečo také si pýtajú 40 euro.
    • No ono by si stačilo přečíst to, že se tím autoři ani netají ;-)
  • Puvodni Dungeon Keeper byl famozni, originalni.
  • ide vam to spustit ? ja som to stiahol a nainstaloval ale pri zacati dema mi hra vypise crash report a hra spadne :(
    • Co Ti to presne pise? Mas nainstalovany Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, 3.5 a 4.0?
      • hm pravdepodobne tu 4 nemam
    • No nie, všetci tu píšu, že to hrali, pretože im to nejde spustiť *7*
  • Dávno jsem dohrál plnou, dost zklamalo.
    Dungeon Keeper FTW
    • Strasne ma tesia tieto poznamky od debilov co stahuju hry.
      • A ty jsi tak bohatý, že si koupíš každou hru, aniž by sis ji zkusil? A neříkej, že sis nikdy žádnou nestáhl!!!
  • Zahral som si to, no bol som sklamany. V "sandbox" mode som mal 3 druhy potvor a vpodstate cela hra sa nesie v duchu zdobenia si dungeony "vysackami" a cakanie a zabijanie hrdinov.

    S povodnym DK to ma spolocne len velmi velmi malo.

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